280 Character Intro

I have 8 years of professional practice collaborating with cross-functional teams to build engaging digital experiences for mobile, web, and more. I align the product vision with technological constraints, business goals, and user needs.

A Little Deeper

My work experience has taken place in a variety of environments, from lean startups to Fortune 500 corporations (but always Agile). I am a certified Design Sprint facilitator. In addition to UX research/design and business strategy, I have received graduate-level training in data science and social sciences research methodology.

For more information, view my LinkedIn profile or my resume:

Other Background

I’ve held many positions that aren’t directly related to my current profession, though they have provided valuable insights into daily life and the way people think. The most salient of these roles include:  parking enforcement officer, bartender, property manager, and touring musician.

Who am I when I’m not working? I love experiencing the beauty and wonder of nature (which I photograph whenever I’m not preoccupied by taking it all in). You’ll often find me challenging my palette at restaurants, and I am always introducing new flavors to my own cooking (not always adeptly). I enjoy solving puzzles of any kind. This drives my passions of board games, philosophy, and geopolitics. Finally, I have a perpetual thirst for music in my life. Whenever possible, I have a soundtrack accompanying my work and my play.

One More Thing

Perhaps you have noticed an absence of projects for much of the last twelve months. After moving to Latvia last year, I elected to go on sabbatical, during which I took an extended honeymoon with my wife, received an education in day trading, helped my parents retire the family farm, acclimated to life in Eastern Europe on my own schedule, and performed some needed self-reflection and meditation.

My sabbatical ends soon, and I am refreshed and ready to get back to work. To kick things off, I got certified as a Design Sprint facilitator in June. I’d like the next step to be working with you!