User Research | Product Design | Business Strategy

After pivoting from RecBob at the TechStars accelerator, my co-founders and I performed a series of pivots on our way to discovering a new business model and product.

Above: Simply looking at a person’s home screen on their smart phone can tell you a lot about their daily habits, which can inform likely user paths and pain points. Even small things like how they group apps together tells you how they think vertically or laterally.
Above: Modified Card Sort.
I gave the interviewee a stack of differently sized papers. On these papers they wrote down whatever would be valuable to them as a user of the product I prompted them with (“Imagine an app that solved Problem X…”), using the sizes of the papers and the locations they placed them to show the relative significance or relations. Hearing their thought process was the most important aspect of this exercise.
Above: A sampling of the mockups I iterated through toward the end of our pivot process.