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From scheduling games to tracking stats and fees, RecBob streamlined experiences for teams and relieved players’ headaches. Leveraging the latest technology, user research, and dogged determination, we built an effective product and an enthusiastic user base.

Left: The first mockup (we had originally planned for RecBob to be a Facebook app).
Right: Live demonstration of the initial RSVP technology.
Above: You can see the whiteboard walls that ringed our office in the background.
Above: One of the many scenario maps I drew to keep track of the various devices, locations, emotions, and contexts in which our users’ activities took place. Visually breaking down important processes into steps like this helped us discover many blind spots we otherwise would have missed, and they often served as guard rails when we plotted development roadmaps.
Above: A high level one-deep structural diagram of navigation from the main bar.
Above: A short list of pros for either development direction. The Web App pros ended up being much stronger, especially the last one.
Above: From the user’s perspective, nothing of value is lost for redshirted users (those who do not wish to create a RecBob account but would still like to receive and participate via team notifications).
Above: Whether as a joint team or on our own, we immersed ourselves in activities and used our own product whenever we could. If we met someone using RecBob, a typical line of question would be to request one good thing and two bad things about the app. We were more interested in the bad things, but we discovered people are more forthcoming with bad news if they are first able to give some good news.
Above: This A/B test of competing menus presented us with a clear winner for our primary funnel for team captains. 50% more ended up creating teams with option A.
90% of the time the developer on the right worked remote. It was always great to be in the same room together.
Left:  A bit of “accidental renaissance” occurred one night during a ping pong match.
Center: One of our many team meetings as we struggled with existential questions for the company.
Right:  Nike does everything big, and early on there were camera crews roaming the accelerator working on an internal documentary.